Intro Song –The Keesha Pratt Band, “Shake Off These Blues”, Believe, MC and opening performer First Set – The Keesha Pratt Band, “Have A Good Time Y’all”, Believe, MC and opening performer In Layman Terms w/ Logan Layman, “Make Me Yours”, Strong Roots, Band Director & bass player Meg Williams, “Maybe Someday”, Maybe Someday, previous Band Director & guitarist Second  Set –Erin McCawley with Harrison Street Band, “Holla”, Jass Colette with Blue Moon Marquee, “52nd Street Strut”, Pat Pepin, “Long Haul Trucker”, EP, In It For The Long Haul Third  Set - Gaye Adegbalola, “Ain’t Technology Grand”, The Griot, one of the headliners 3rd WIB in Wilmington 2008 Claudette Miller, “Big Fat Daddy”, All In Time Val Starr & The Blues Rocket, “Big Boss Man”, Lighter Side Of The Blues Fourth Set –Heather Statham with Thunder Gypsy Band, “I Don’t Need No Doctor” Redd Velvet, “How Long”, Womanhood 101Redd Velvet, “Walkie-Talkie Man”, Womanhood 101