This is show #36, National Women in Blues Festival Saturday Preview Podcast for the last part of October, 2007.
Welcome back, my friends! This is Dave Harrison from the podcast coming at ya from the little rocking studio in the beautiful Star City of Virginia! 
As Michele Seidman just described, this show is really a special one! This show will be a preview of some of the wonderful women playing at the 2nd Annual to be held in Wilmington, North Carolina on November 2nd and 3rd! One thing that I discovered quickly when putting this show together, is that there is so much great music to play, that I’ve decided to split the festival preview podcast into TWO shows! So this podcast, Show #36, will highlight the great musicians playing on Saturday, November 3rd ! So….  Are you ready for some tunes from some more women in blues? I hope so! Crank it up my friends, we’re off and running!
We start off this preview podcast with (I’d Rather Be Sad) In Las Vegas, and Still The Girl In The Band. Who else are we gonna hear from on this Saturday night preview show? Well, how about , Better Than I, Middle Aged Bones: with Qu’est c’que j ai fait, and Rock Little Daddy;  offers up High Price Love and Poor Ole You;   with Party Clothes, Laughin to keep from Cryin; , Sweet Memories, and Take Me Fast; Blues is a Feeling, Starting All Over; and finishing with , Baby You Got What It Takes! What a lineup!
Special thanks to Michele Seidman for all her hard work and effort in pulling this festival together! Fifty percent of the proceeds for ticket sales go to women related charities or organizations, like , , , and . The other fifty percent will go to the Blues Womens Urgent Medical Fund!
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Keep the Women in Blues Alive and Keep the Women in Blues in the Blood!