This is show #49, Bustin’ Out in Blues for the last part of May, 2008.
Hey, welcome back! This is your bluesman , coming at ya once again in that blues bustin’ studio in the Star City of Virginia. Ya know, when I first started this show a couple of years ago, I was always worried that I’d run out of music to play! Now with all the music I get, all that I hear, and all that I can play, I feel I’m Bustin’ Out in Blues!  So are you ready to Bust Out in the Blues? I hope so! Crank it up my friends, we’re off and running!
Well, we started of the show with playing Strange Feeling; followed by , Hypnotized; , That’s the Way To Do It; , Double Eyed Whammy; , Mellow Chick Swing; , I’m Hooked on You; , Let Life Flow; , Who Your Real Friends Are; , If You Let A Man Kick You Once; , Down in the Neighborhood;, Keep Your Motor Running; and with No Big City!  
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