This is show #97, Women in Blues 2010, Part Two!
Hey! Welcome back, everybody! It’s time for another episode of The BluzNdaBlood Show! This is your BluzNdaBlood  DJ  coming at you from the Star City of Virginia … Well, this show is the second part to a very special episode!
Well, when I did Show #93 Women in Blues, I quickly ran out of space for the show and I hate having to eliminate playing songs…  But there were enough of them that it was obvious to me that a Part 2 Show was inevitable! Unfortunately, I still have tunes from Roxy Perry and Pat Pepin that still are to be played! There’s just isn’t enough time to play ‘em all! But, they’ll be on the next show or two!
We started off the show with the beautiful blues piano player playing her own tune, “Honey’s Blues” off of the CD, For the Chosen Who.
So what other beautiful blues women are we going to hear from on today’s show other than Honey Piazza? Well, how about Inetta Visor from the with their tune, “Let’s Live It Up”! We’ll also hear with her song, “Blues Ain’t Far Behind”, then we’ll be treated to cranking out “Give Me Back My Wig.” Yea, I’m not sure what the lyrics mean either! But it’s good stuff! follows up highlighting their 10 or 11 year old female drummer Taya Perry playing, “Roots.” then treats us with her “Music Makin’ Mama” tune off her CD.  We then follow up with belting out “Goin’ Home” followed by playing “Party Town”. Now that the show is really cranked up, it’s then time for to get us licking our lips when she’s singing about her “Fried Chicken”! then shakes the joint with some help from Watermelon Slim playing “The Barrelhouse Funeral”… chimes in with her boogie drenched “Two Fisted Mama” song on her CD, Deluxe Edition! Then joinging the fun and wrapping up the great show is , “The Devil Is An Angel”, followed by , “All You Can Eat (And You Can Eat It All Night Long)”, and finished up by the great with her “Big Ovaries, Baby”! What a show!
Thanks to all the beautiful women who made this show possible with their music! Also, special thanks to Honey, Karen, Amy, Buzzy, Janiva, and Candye for their Intro’s and ID’s!
Well, that wraps up Show #97, “Women In Blues 2010, Part Two!
Well, you know the routine! Now that you’ve heard this great music, go out and by the music! Or go out and see them live! Then buy their music and tell them you heard their music on The BluzNdaBlood Show!
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Until next time, this is Dave Harrison, reminding you to keep the blues alive and keep the blues in the blood!