This week was a big one around here. If you were spending some time on social media on Sunday, you probably already know that your Brownble posts are up on iTunes as a brand new vegan podcast! We're squealing of excitement. This was a natural progression from what we had been doing, which was adding the audio versions of each blog post so you could sit back and relax while you heard me on your headphones, or you could download them and wash dishes, walk the dogs, drive to work. I know what it's like to be so busy that no matter how much you'd like to sit down and read a post you just can't do it!

Our little audio players on the top of each post will continue to be there for every single one of them, but since it can take some time to go to our website, find the post you want to listen to and download it, we're making it even easier for you by having them all in one place... on iTunes... like a pretty little podcast from which you can stream or download and listen on the go (don't worry Android users, we're working on getting them up on stitcher soon!).

I have to tell you I have a serious podcast substance abuse problem, I love them and listen to everything from vegan to meditation podcasts, health and fitness podcasts, productivity, business, news, me oh my! I wonder why my phone has never exploded! You can guess how excited I am to see our little logo every time I open my Podcast app now. Giddy like a little girl on Christmas morning.

I really hope you love it and especially that it supports you on this path to wellness, health, diet- ending, body lovin', and delicious home cookin'. We'll have brand new episodes on Mondays and Thursdays (sometimes a mini bonus on Wednesdays too!), so don't forget to subscribe to the podcast so you can have them downloaded and waiting for you as soon as they're live! 

I'm also excited about this HUGE piece of news because it's a great way for many more people to find help and support, not only with their vegan diets and ideas for meals, but with this mission we have of helping you create healthy habits for good, habits that will get you loving your body right now, that will help you accept where you're at and help you move forward, and especially teach you how to treat your body with kindness. It's a message that I feel is so lacking out there, and you've heard me say it before, it's key when it comes to healthy eating. I can't wait to go with you on this journey in yet another amazing outlet that you can literally take anywhere with you! I'll be in your pocket, like a mini Jiminy Cricket helping you to make the right choices.

If you listen and love it, don't forget to leave us a glowing review on iTunes. It really helps other people find us, since iTunes kind of bumps it up with every little review we get. I will be so grateful!

Now that we've told you our amazing news, you know what day it is, it's Monday, that means we're giving you our favorite vegan eats from this past week in the hopes that they inspire some of your meals. Let's get to it!

Our favorite breakfasts

I mixed things up this week with my overnight oats by adding some crunchy toppings. These had chia seeds and oats in the traditional overnight oats base, and then I topped them with fresh strawberries, banana, walnuts and poppy seeds.

As we mentioned in the video above, we went to have a little vegan brunch on Sunday at Le Pain Quotidien, a beautiful bakery you might even have in your city since it's a chain of bakeries. The great thing about this place is that every single time we go they have more and more vegan options, including a fully vegan brunch, carrot cake, chocolate muffins, and of course they have their incredible assortment of breads and jams which is what we had, as well as their amazing quinoa and spelt whole grain croissants (basically the reason why we always go there!). We had some soy lattes, delicious jams and their noir chocolate spread which is vegan (don't be afraid to ask for it if it's not included in the little assortment of spreads they give you). We also had a Spanish classic which you can easily make at home, toast drizzled with a bit of olive oil and topped with grated tomato (simply grate a tomato with your box grater!), and then you add a sprinkling of sea salt on top. 

Don't even get me started on the decor of this bakery, it's all wood and cozy, like it was taken out of my dream home Pinterest board.

Our favorite lunches

I should have called today's post the soup episode because we had two amazing soups this week for lunch. These two choices were baffling since it was so hot outside this week! What can I tell you? Soup is easy, it's quick, it's inexpensive and it's ridiculously healthy and filling. Not to mention the fact that I always make enough to have leftovers and that means I don't have to cook the next day! (Secretly the reason why I made these this week).

The first one I made was our quick and easy lentil soup. If you're a member of our online program My Brownble, you'll find this video recipe in your Quick Fix section. I served it with a little side salad which had some greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, some black sesame seeds and our Thai peanut sauce which I thinned out to make a salad dressing. Note to self (and you!): I am always in the mood for salad if it includes peanut dressing!

The second soup I made this week was a South American classic, and it's a tradition in my family as well as in Carlos's. It's originally from Peru, and it's a rich and filling soup called chupe. The original one is meat-based of course, but it's so easy to veganize! We'll be filming this video for you soon, but it's basically a type of corn chowder which includes some corn kernels, mini pieces of corn on the cob, potatoes, herbs and other veggies to flavor the vegetable broth base. I also love adding some tofu cubes for added texture and protein.

In Carlos's family they have the tradition of serving this soup with mini arepas (a Venezuelan savory corn cake you stuff with different fillings), and some avocado slices, so that's what we did!

Our favorite dinners

I know I always give you two different options but this one was so amazing that I just had to give it the main spotlight today. We had an amazing time at Rayen Vegano, and Paulo, the chef and our dear friend really outdid himself this week. The food however was not even the best part! We dined with these two amazing people above. We actually met these two at this very restaurant when one night we were sitting at back to back tables, and Cristina asked the owner of Rayen if she could recommend any vegan recipes for her to try at home. The owner proceeded to point right over to our table and said "here are your recipes!". We were actually two weeks away from launching Brownble at that time, and Cristina has been an avid reader since then. We finally decided to meet up for a proper dinner instead of only knowing each other online, and we had a blast with these two! It's proof that veganism and this magical place brings people together in an incredible way.

We started this amazing meal with delicious raw sushi rolls (they're under these little beet flying saucers above) and these were topped with amaranth caviar! Is that genius or what?!

I had their quinoa stuffed avocado with veggies and tofu, which is a big hit at the restaurant. In the back of the photo you can also see what Cristina ordered, their seitan wontons with baked apples.

The boys had the eggplant parm with oyster mushrooms and the new massive tamale with spicy black beans and salsa.

This week's "oh so sweet" treat

Yes! We had dessert! We ordered their 3 dessert tasting menu including their carrot cake with strawberry icing, what is it with girls and pink icing?! Carlos was firmly against it but we won! We also had their lemon cheesecake and "the black beast", which sounds great and is even better. It has a cinnamon cookie base, a layer of chocolate cake and then another thick layer of chocolate mousse, which then produces a glorious death by chocolate... but you die happy!

I hope these inspire some of your meals and flavor combinations this week! Now that you've read or listened to this post, I want you to head on over to iTunes and check out the brand new podcast! Don't forget to subscribe, leave us a little review to help us reach more people, and let us know what you think in the comments below!