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Sometimes I come across a brand or company that makes me very excited to be vegan, and to have a space where I can showcase super cool businesses and products like the one I'm sharing with you today. Sometimes it's a new vegan cheese brand, other times it's a new line of vegan sausages, often times it's a company that is giving back to those who need it most, and sometimes, it's a company that helps spread veganism and this awesome lifestyle in a different way. That's where Everything Vegan, an awesome vegan clothing company from sunny California, comes in.

Sometimes being a vegan advocate means answering the hard vegan questions at the dinner table, or simply being the only vegan in the room, but there's something about hearing or seeing the word vegan on a complete stranger on the street, then printed on a menu at a restaurant, on the title of a book at Barnes and Noble, then seeing it in products when you go to the store. The word "vegan" is powerful, and the more we see it, the more we feel this way of eating as less of a "hippie thing" some of us are doing, and begin to see it as the unstoppable force of a movement that it is. It's why this particular company pulled at my heartstrings. Partly because of my love of the word vegan, which is proudly printed on their many tanks and tees, but also because I have a secret love, one I've never told you about. 



I have a secret little thing... for cool message wear.

To me it's the equivalent of wearing a superhero cape as a kid and feeling like you could climb the tallest tree. 

It makes you a vegan superhero activist, just by getting dressed in the morning.

I recently heard the story of how a little girl who had a profound fear of flying, dressed up as Amelia Earhart, with a hat, pilot goggles, jacket and all, and suddenly felt her airplane fears vanish. Yes, my friends, that is the power of clothes that carry meaning.

So enter Everything Vegan.

Aaron Seminoff, founder of Everything Vegan and his adorable rescue dogs Link and Zelda

Aaron Seminoff, founder of Everything Vegan and his adorable rescue dogs Link and Zelda

There are so many vegan apparel lines out there, but both Carlos and I completely fell in love with the crazy cool messages that were printed on the t-shirts of this California company, created by Aaron Seminoff. 

From their adorable "Be Kind to Every Kind" tee, to the funny "I Can't Make Everyone Happy I'm not an Avocado" one, there is a t-shirt, tank, sweatshirt and even baseball caps for every little aspect of a plant-based and vegan lifestyle.

From saying a big no-no to hunting to plant-based message wear about whales in captivity, and don't get me started on their adorable apparel for kombucha and kale lovers, as well as their awesome designs for vegan athletes.

You'll get to see our favorite designs further below, but let me tell you about the great story behind Aaron's company, which I have a sore spot for since he started off advocating for animal rescue efforts. You know how I get with dog adoption stories... oh boy.


Aaron began his work as a rockin' vegan advocate with a pet rescue themed clothing line called Animal Hearted a few years ago, which then led him to expand to one of his greatest passions: animal rights and veganism. Aaron has been living a cruelty free lifestyle for more than 8 years, and it was this new fun adventure of designing vegan message wear that could transform people's views on these issues, that made him create Everything Vegan in April of this year.

They already have over 100 designs on their website to choose from, and their shirts are hand-printed daily in their warehouse in Northern California, 

Their clothes are 100% cruelty-free, vegan, and printed with organic, eco-friendly water-based inks, but beyond technicalities, they're just plain cool!

Uber cool... like from when before uber meant "Uber".

Kale cool.

Kombucha cool.

Not only do they offer traditional tees for men and women, but they offer the much needed (at least for me!) women's Jr. fit tee, women's racerback tanks, unisex tanks, sweatshirts, children's tees, baseball caps and more. You can mix and match the messages with the colors and styles, meaning, you get to wear your veganism proudly in whatever form fits your style. 


Take a look at some of our favorites:

Kim's Favorites

I'm all about wearing funny messages, little puns and often a curse word (which you wouldn't guess at all from our curse-free podcast and blog. I guess a girl's got to have an outlet). The first one below is just plain t-shirt poetry!

Carlos's Favorites

Carlos is all about the baseball caps and being very direct with the fact that he's a proud vegan.

I know there's a lot of talk regarding the use of the vegan "label" when it comes to our eating. I know some people don't like to commit to a word and what it means, and you definitely don't need to wear vegan message wear in order to be an amazing activist, but there's just something about the word vegan.

I think it brings us together.

I think it can be the first little seed you plant in someone who is feeling the need to make changes and suddenly sees the word printed on a brightly colored t-shirt as they walk down the street. It's a way to show that vegans can look like anyone. That there isn't just one stereotype associated with people who choose to eat and live this way. It can be you and it can be me, and the more the word is out there, whether, on a menu or your shirt, the movement grows, the options grow, and people are less afraid to take the first step into being vegan.

I'm so glad I got to introduce you to this awesome company, our latest sponsor and a total favorite of ours, that will help us put on our vegan superhero capes in all sizes, shapes, colors, and fonts and wear them proudly. All you need now is a crown or one of their baseball caps and you'll be ready to take on the world, one veggie burger at a time.

Make sure to stop by their store (they ship all across the US and Internationally) to take a look at their awesome vegan apparel collections, and follow them on social media to make sure you're updated on their latest products.

They're currently, and for a limited time only, having a Buy 2 Get 1 FREE special, so make sure to check them out and take advantage of this awesome deal before it ends soon!


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Thanks Aaron and Everything Vegan for the cool work you do for animals and our planet!