Today in our online program we have two delicious quick sides you can make that actually go really well together! I'm talking about a creamy batch of homemade hummus and the most delicious eggplant side dish EVER.

We often serve these two together as part of what I like to call my deconstructed Arab plate, in which I serve some quinoa, a quick salad made out of cucumber, tomatoes and fresh herbs, and the roasted eggplant and hummus we're teaching you how to make today. It's amazing!

Hummus is a wonderful nutritional powerhouse and it's the perfect healthy snack along with some raw vegetables. It's also great used as a spread on sandwiches, paninis, wraps, and even on toast in the morning topped with some fresh tomatoes and greens.

 The eggplant is so simple and quick to make it requires no measuring and it always comes out great. Strangely we love serving it whenever we make risotto! Don't ask me why but the combination of the creamy risotto and these eggplant slices is so good (look at that bright pink beet risotto we served them with the other day). If you've never been a big fan of eggplant (I hear ya!), this recipe will change your mind completely.

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