Oh boy, very few weeks of my life have been as intense as this past one, you probably already know why if you've read our last post about the HUGE surprise we had for all of our members and our email subscribers (members, remember to check your email for those special instructions on how to make the move to the new My Brownble platform!), AND so much more is coming! We have a big surprise coming soon for all of you that I'm very excited about, and we have another surprise starting today! You probably already saw it as soon as you clicked on this post, and it's the fact that you can now listen to our blog posts on the go! That's right! You can either read it as usual or listen to the audio recording of it (with my sweet mouse-like voice as my hubby likes to call it!). You can either stream the audio right above here with the audio player, or you can download it, save it on your phone and listen while you're on a long commute, at the gym, walking the dogs or doing laundry! Let me know if you like this new feature! We're starting today but we're backtracking and soon you'll have it in all of our major blog posts. 

All of these super cool new things that have been going on around here meant I was a busy bee all week and needed some serious R&R this weekend.

Here's the problem when you do something you love, and especially when it's online based (a.k.a. your office is everywhere). IT'S SO HARD TO STOP! Every five minutes I was thinking of something cool I wanted to add or share with you, I remembered something I forgot to spell check, or I was simply so excited I wanted to hop back on the blog and chat with you. It was hard, but I forced myself to stay horizontal as much as possible. The dogs were so excited about it they snuggled up next to me for hours. Carlos however completely lost his relaxation battle and was glued to the computer but I must say it paid off because he did so much amazing techie stuff for the new program! Watching him work away really made it even harder for me to resist the temptation to get up and work, so this made me think of the subject of slowing down, and how hard it is for most of us.

Whether you're swamped at work, thinking of or starting your own business, taking care of your family or just running from one activity to the next, it can be so hard to slow down and catch your breath. I know people who can go for miles without stopping and never seem to have a problem with it (Carlos is a good example of this), I however am not one of these people. After a total productivity binge always comes the unavoidable crash. I know you know what I'm talking about. You were at top speed for so long that when you crash you really crash. Meaning your creativity leaves you, your body feels like it's weighed down, your mind feels foggy and if you kept at it for long enough you might already be feeling some anxiety. 

I've always recognized this because it has a specific symptom in my body, and it's that I constantly feel the need to take a deep breath and I can't do it. It's like if my lung capacity was minimized and I felt I needed air but couldn't fill my lungs up with gusto. Have you ever felt this way? This is a clear warning sign that you might be over-extending yourself and headed straight to anxiety city.

So what can we do? This week it all came down to one thing: self care. 

Taking a long bath in the tub with some essential oils, taking 10 minutes to meditate, making sure you're fueling your body with real, health giving foods, taking a long walk. All of these simple things that might get on the back burner when you've got something going on are so important. They're important because if we neglect them, the aftermath will take much more time away from you than these simple self care actions would. I've had post work crashes where I've even gotten colds and have been sick and in bed for 2 weeks! I'm sorry, but a 20 min. soak in the tub with some candles and some music will do so much more for you. Not to mention that's where creativity does its magic in our brain.

Ok, enough with my rant, make sure that no matter what you're doing or how busy you are, self care practices are still number one. 

On with the show... today it's Monday and you know what that means! Food! I get to show you the highlights of what we ate this past week so that you can get inspiration for your meals. Are you ready?! Grab a fork!

Our favorite breakfasts

When I started doing yoga many years ago, I kept having this one big craving for breakfast and it's a strange one. Don't judge: sautéed shitake mushrooms with tamari, next to some whole grain toast with jam and a delicious yogic tea which is full of spices, clove, cinnamon and coconut. This week for some strange reason I started craving it again so I made it! Don't knock it 'til you try it!

After the BIG launch of the new online program, I really wanted to make something special for us, so we had a little brunch at home with my fluffy buttermilk pancakes (members you can find the video and recipe for these in your breakfast and brunch section of the program), but we also have our fall French toast video for all our youtube fans in our channel and here in the blog. I topped the pancakes with some strawberries, banana and maple syrup. 

Our favorite lunches

This was probably my favorite lunch all week. Whole wheat spaghetti tossed with some olive oil, sautéed garlic and kale, olives, brussels sprouts and parsley. This was so incredibly delicious that we'll be filming this for all of you soon!

This was a yummy kale salad with a tahini dressing, sautéed shitake mushrooms, tomatoes, roasted brussels sprouts and a tiny dollop of guacamole. Amazing!

Our favorite dinners

This one will probably be our next quick fix video since it's ready in no time and requires such few ingredients! It was basically a sauté of peppers, black beans, onions, spinach, some spices, and then I topped the whole thing with some roasted sweet potato and some chipotle hot sauce. Warning: once you're introduced to the chipotle hot sauce/ sweet potato combo it's VERY hard to go back. Just be careful with hot sauce since it tends to be high in sodium.

Can you tell I was in the mood for spice this week? This was a simple green salad with tomatoes, thinly sliced zucchini, some roasted potatoes and wait for it... crispy buffalo cauliflower bites! Even Carlos loved this and let me tell you cauliflower is the only vegetable he won't touch!

I know I usually just keep it at two of our favorite dinners, but on Saturday night we went to our favorite pizzeria in Madrid Ay mi Madre, which is not a vegan restaurant but it has en entirely vegan part of the menu with wait for it.... pizzas with vegan cheese! They get so many vegan customers that every time we go they're adding more and more vegan dishes to the menu. This top photo shows their newest creation, a chickpea flour based polenta with melted vegan mozzarella, tomatoes, onions, spinach and yes, it was even more delicious than it looks.

I then had their barbecue seitan pizza.

Carlos had their Mediterranean pizza which had spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, olives and spinach.

We were celebrating lots of things during this dinner, one of which was of course the launch of the new program and everything that's coming your way. If you follow us on facebook you probably already saw me digging into the pizza and burning my tongue, but it was so worth it!

Let us know what you ate this week in the comments below and please tell us what you thought of the new audio version of this post so we can keep doing them if you like them!


Thanks for reading and listening everyone!

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