Hi everyone! Although you've seen us talking about this constantly on social media these past few weeks, I'm so excited to get a chance to sit down with you in this space and tell you all about our current Brownble Gives Back donation recipient, which is non other than the amazing 501(c)3 non-profit Vegan Outreach. As you know, Brownble donates a part of the proceeds from our vegan online program My Brownble to a different non-profit organization every month. We firmly believe in the power of spreading the love and paying it forward, so if you've joined My Brownble, know that you are making such a huge difference in the world.

For years, vegan outreach has been educating the public about veganism, making this amazing lifestyle change and how to do it, and especially helping people understand what is really going on behind our food industry. You've heard me say this countless times before, my only regret when it comes to being vegan is that I didn't do it sooner. I didn't do it sooner because I simply had no idea that these issues are going on whether we are aware of them or not. What a different world we would have if these issues were transparent and out for everyone to see. We could make up our minds, make an educated choice, and trust me, 90% of people would. Well, the best way for me to describe vegan outreach to you is that they are that little army of vegan warriors that are hitting college campuses and other institutions daily, spreading the word and shining a light on these important issues.

The grassroots movement of leafletting, one person at a time, is far from over. So many people I know have actually gone vegan because a leaflet they got in college or received in the mail lit the way, even if it was a few months or years later. It really is all about planting those seeds and Vegan Outreach now has forests of new vegans behind them. They are literally changing the world one person at a time. They also happened to make the list for Standout Charities by Animal Charity Evaluators, who rate charities that are making a difference for animals, which basically means that the organization has received a gold star, and any money donated to them is definitely making a huge impact and difference.

You also know that because of the fact that I'm a teacher, organizations like these are really close to my heart. There really is nothing more important than education, and these guys are trailblazers at that for sure. Their organization began in 1993 and is still going strong in campuses throughout the US and now also in Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and even India, and their online presence reaches far beyond (we're linking to all of their cool content at the end of the post).

Through their website they also offer a vegan mentor program which helps people stay vegan once they've made the change, practical daily tips, recipes, articles on the reasons for going vegan, food substitutions, free guides to help you transition which you can download right now or even receive in the mail! They've really covered it all and Brownble is proud to support them. They also happen to be in the process of planning something BIG but they won't tell us what it is yet! Take a look at this really cool video.

We waited for telling you all about VO in the blog because we're also in the last stretch of our 40% off sale so if you've been thinking about starting the program, now's a great time to come on this journey with us and help Vegan Outreach. Click here to learn more about our online vegan cooking and wellness program.

I could go on and on about this organization but I want you to go and check them out for yourself, you can browse around, download or order their free guide, or make a donation. 

Thank you Vegan Outreach for the amazing work that you do, we are so excited and proud to partern up with you and help you reach your goals.

More on Vegan Outreach

Website · Facebook · Twitter · Instagram · Free guide to going vegan · Mentor program


What do you say?! Can we help their amazing project and organization?

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