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In today’s instalment of our “Why Vegan” series, we’ll be talking about another one of those big reasons why so many people are opting for more and more vegan meals, and why so many have decided to go vegan. As I’ve been saying throughout the series, it doesn’t matter if you’ve decided to make this change because of animals, or the environment, or your health, no matter what your personal reason why is, eating a vegan diet helps create wonderful changes in all of these areas, and the lives and rights of our fellow humans are no exception.

As you know, my personal reason why was the way animals are treated in our current animal agriculture system. What I hadn’t realized when I first went vegan, was that in all these industries that include so much mistreatment and cruelty to animals, there is also inherent violence present for our fellow humans who work in these facilities, in the communities surrounding places like slaughterhouses and factory farms, as well as many problematic issues for people who live in impoverished communities that have been affected by our high and growing consumption of animal products.

In today’s episode we talk all about these connections between the foods we eat and the rights of our fellow humans, and I’ll share why this decision of switching to a vegan diet can create such an impact in the lives of many, not only the non-human animals who we share this planet with, but our fellow humans as well.

A little trigger warning before today’s episode:

Keep in mind that in today’s episode we’ll be talking about some difficult issues including violations of basic human rights, domestic violence, sexual violence, PTSD, poverty and food insecurity. If you feel this isn’t the right time for you, know that the information will be here when you’re ready. If you are willing to join us in this conversation, please know that I’ll be discussing these issues in as sensitive way as I can. I thank you as always for listening and bearing witness.

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Links and resources mentioned in today’s episode:

- Our online course The Roadmap our 21 day course to help you make more vegan choices or go vegan.

- For another look at these industries, and lists of sustainable, ethical, cruelty and slavery free foods check out The Food Empowerment Project

- The book "Slaughterhouse" by Gail Eisnitz

- "The Psychological Damage of Slaughterhouse Workers" by The PTSD Journal

- "Why Go Vegan" by The Vegan Society

- Andy West, philosopher and writer for The Guardian (contains sensitive content and mentions of violence): "Animal Suffering is Human Suffering: Why Human Rights Support Veganism"

- The Oxfam "Lives on the Line" report (includes sensitive information pertaining to workers/human rights violations)

- An Oceana.org report on the effects of bottom trawling in the fishing industry, including its effect on local communities

- A report by The Global Reef Project on the effects of coral reef destruction

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