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As you know, we’ve started a brand new series at The Brownble podcast titled the “Why Vegan” Series. Through these episodes we’re going to share those big reasons why more and more people are deciding to move towards a more plant-based way of eating. In last week’s episode we discussed veganism and health, and throughout these episodes we’ll be tackling those big motivations, those big reasons why this change in the way we eat and live can have enormous impacts in the world we live in, as well as in our own experiences. Today I’m very excited because we’ll begin the conversation regarding my personal “why”.

When I went vegan many years ago, it was learning about what happens to animals in our modern agriculture system that did it for me. Today I share a bit of what that journey was like, and I go deep into helping you understand what’s wrong with our treatment of animals in these industries. In today's episode, part 1, we'll begin by talking about meat, with fish, dairy and eggs to follow in the next few weeks.

We’ll be tackling all of these topics by sharing the recorded lessons from our online course The Roadmap, and I wanted to share them rather than re-record them because when I sat down with the mic in front of me as we were getting this course up and running, things were just pouring out of me in a very special way, and this lesson in particular is one of my favorites, even though it tackles such difficult issues. I was so connected to what it was like when I first started learning about these issues, that I wanted to share these lessons with you in this series.

For the podcast, we’ve divided the original lesson about the animals into separate parts so that you can go through them a little bit quicker.

If you’re not sure if hearing about what happens to animals is something you’re ready for, I ask that you at least listen in to the first part of the episode. I’ll explain why this was such an important part of my journey, and I’ll also explain why I think that listening to these issues as a first approach can set you on your journey without it being as painful as watching graphic images, while definitely arming you with all the motivation needed to stick with this change. I’ll also talk about why this “why” has instant positive effects, whether you make one vegan choice, you’re ready for three, for twenty or for a lifetime of eating in this new and delicious way.

The next few episodes are very deep and personal to me, and I hope that you love them too. They’re also a great resource to share with friends or family who ask you questions about the way you eat, as it’s as kind and compassionate towards the listener as it is towards the animals.

Are you ready? Hit that play button above, or listen through Apple podcasts, Stitcher or your favorite podcast app.


Links mentioned in today’s episode and future episodes on the animals

- Our online course The Roadmap, a 21 day course to help you go vegan or make more vegan choices, and the resource this lesson is a sample of.

- The film that made me go vegan: Vegucated (contains sensitive imagery but with a trigger warning beforehand, also contains fantastic information on how to go vegan, the benefits to our health, the environment and much more).

- The film that made Carlos go vegan: Earthlings (strong movie with sensitive imagery throughout).

Sensitive material on the egg industry (Free From Harm).

More resources on the dairy industry (The Vegan Society) .

Summary and additional research on animal agriculture (The Vegan Society).

- Article in The Guardian on fishing operations "Farmed Fish Could Bring us Cheaper Food but is it Ethical".

Research on the consequences of fishing practices.

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