This week we’re sharing the most popular episode of Go Time from last year — Go Time #196. We believe this episode was the most popular because it’s all about building actually maintainable software and what goes into that. Kris Brandow is joined by Johnny Boursiquot, Ian Lopshire, and Sam Boyer. There’s lots of hot takes, disagreements, and unpopular opinions.

This is part two of a three part mini-series led by Kris on maintenance. Make sure you check out Go Time #195 and Go Time #202 to continue the series.

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Show Notes:

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(00:00) - Intro
(01:15) - Sponsor: InfluxData
(03:09) - Welcome to Go Time!
(05:16) - Let's talk about maintenance
(07:46) - Johnny brings the heat
(10:31) - What does 'Maintainable' mean?
(14:25) - What does 'Un-maintainable' mean?
(17:33) - Code that's untestable
(20:55) - How does code become unmaintainable?
(23:33) - Sponsor: Square
(24:49) - Performant is a made up word
(27:42) - Grafana's 'Gardening Week'
(29:34) - 1000 paper cuts
(30:14) - Is Gardening Week enough?
(33:37) - Kris compares software development to the publishing industry
(35:08) - Ian disagrees with Kris
(36:23) - Kris says maintainence shouldn't be a 'rotation'
(37:15) - But everyone should be aware and familar with the need to maintain code
(37:55) - Maintainence engineering needs to be raised to a higher level
(39:44) - Sponsor: Honeycomb
(41:05) - Sponsor: Retool
(42:14) - Maintainable code vs good code
(45:39) - The nauance of good vs maintainable
(49:51) - Scientifically good code
(55:55) - Summarizing the science of good code
(57:30) - What makes Go good for writting maintainable software?
(1:02:07) - Unpopular opinions!!
(1:11:23) - Closing out the show
(1:12:50) - Outro