Adam Stacoviak and Andrew Thorp talk about Docker, linux containers, and dotCloud with Solomon Hykes - Founder & CEO of DotCloud and the creator of Docker.

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Notes and Links

  • dotCloud - One home for all your apps
    One home for all your apps. Deploy, manage and scale any web app. Build your ideal application stack by combining powerful cloud services. Go live and only pay for what you need. Live apps start at $4.32/month.
  • Solomon Hykes (solomonstre) on Twitter
    Hacker & entrepreneur. We are automating the cloud at
  • Docker - the Linux container engine
    Docker is an open-source engine which automates the deployment of applications as highly portable, self-sufficient containers which are independent of hardware, language, framework, packaging system and hosting provider.
  • The future of Linux Containers - YouTube
    At PyCon Solomon Hykes shows docker to the public for the first time!
  • Fabrice Bellard - Wikipedia
    Fabrice Bellard is a computer programmer who is best known as the creator of the FFmpeg and QEMU software projects. He has also developed a number of other programs, including the Tiny C Compiler.

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