We talked with Steve Dower and Dan Taylor at Microsoft Build 2018 about the history of Python at Microsoft, the origination of IronPython, Python Tools for Visual Studio, flying under the radar to add support Python, fighting from within to support open source, and more.

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Show Notes:


  • 2:22 – The history of Python at Microsoft
  • 3:15 – The origination of IronPython
  • 4:05 – Python tools for Visual Studio
  • 7:54 – What Microsoft is doing with Python
  • 10:22 – Why Python is good for people new to programming
  • 12:20 – Pythonic
  • 13:52 – PEP 8
  • 15:47 – Black
  • 18:16 – Pylint
  • 21:41 – CPython
  • 26:01 – Opensource at Microsoft
  • 28:29 – The future of Python
  • 33:55 – The latest in Python


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