A sample of a new series from our sister podcast, THE DARK TOME.

UNDERTOW takes place 18 months after the end of Dark Tome Season 2. As the world tries to reconcile the inexplicable occurrences in Simpson Falls, Maine, Simpson Falls native and investigative reporter Tony Baxter, is called on assignment.

But as Tony starts to dig underneath the surface, he finds the subject of the story is soon on him, and the aftermath of a childhood tragedy he’s never fully reconciled. Tony is faced with an impossible choice, and he and his partner, photojournalist Sonia Proud, won’t be able to leave the town as they arrived.

Featuring over 40 actors, a full original score and recorded across the United States during lockdown, UNDERTOW is a slow-burn audio-horror thriller in the veins of 1980s Stephen King paperbacks.

All episodes available now, currently exclusive to Stitcher Premium (stitcher.com/premium), use promo code DARK for a free month’s trial.