Oh, goody! I was hoping to add endangerment and insanity to my list of things I did this week. - Poppy Meriwether, the clockwork assistant
04.01.16 playlist:
Jack Jones - Into the Unknown
Ghost Train Orchestra - At an Arabian House Party
Man Man - Banana Ghost
Sterilize Stereo - Annie Magee
Birdeatsbaby - Through 10 Walls
Janet Klein and Her Parlor Boys - A Little Bit Independent
Squirrel Nut Zippers - Wash Jones
Tim Scott - Fabletown
Robbie Williams & Jonathan Wilkes - Me And My Shadow
The Puppini Sisters - Good Morning
The Scarring Party - Step Inside
Chris Isaak - My Happiness
Bat For Lashes - Horse & I
Steam Powered Giraffe - Brass Goggles
Danbert Nobacon - What Was That?
Nathaniel Johnstone - Avi Solym
Tom Waits - We're All Mad Here
Logo: David Gobel, bulletride.de
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Additional voice(s) provided by: Poppy Meriwether and Percy Meriwether
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