The clowns... the clowns they're here... Oh wait, it's just Emmett & Lady Attercop, sweeties. I think I can take them. - Poppy, the clockwork assistant
10.06.17 playlist:

  • Accordion Tribe - Cirkus II
  • Tom Waits - The Black Rider
  • Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys - Old Time Fun with the Hoop and Stick and Dr.Tumblety's Amazing Playing Teeth
  • The Cog is Dead - Freak Show
  • Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - The Carny
  • Lee Presson & The Nails - Pink Elephants On Parade
  • Primus - Pure Imagination
  • The Gothic Archies - Freakshow
  • Placebo - Pierrot The Clown
  • Marquis of Vaudeville - A Twisted Theatre
  • The Velveteen Band - Carnival
  • Alice's Night Circus - Curious World
  • Martin Martini & the Bone Palace Orchestra - Clowns Will Eat Me

Logo: David Göbel
Produced by Agony Aunt Studios 
Hosted by Emmett Davenport and Lady Attercop
Incidental Music: No One is Watching by DeVotchKa
Theme song by Kyle O'Door
Sponsor: Clockwork Cabaret Pledge Drive
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