Hello, sweeties! The French poet, Paul Verlaine, once said, "Tears fall in my heart like the rain on a town." I'm sure he was referring to something much more profound than this nonsense... And now, on with the show. - Poppy, the clockwork assistant

04.19.19 playlist:

  • Beirut - My Family's Role In The World Revolution

  • The Dead Brothers - Allons aux parquis!

  • Paul Kandel - Topsy Turvy

  • Bellowhead - Frogs Legs(Fete Du Village)/Dragon's Teeth

  • Bruno Pelletier - La fête des fous

  • Stromae - Carmen

  • Alice Francis - French Affair

  • Mahala Raï Banda - L'Homme Qui Boit (The Man Who Drinks)

  • DVA - Francé Trancé

  • Blue Dahlia - Le Tango Dangereux

  • Pierre Barouh - Samba Saravah

  • Frenchy & The Punk - Le Chat Noir

  • Circus Contraption - French Postcards

  • Nina Simone - Ne Me Quitte Pas

  • Frances Ruffelle - On My Own

  • Eartha Kitt - C'est Si Bon (It's So Good)

  • Charles Trenet - Verlaine

  • Edith Piaf - Rien de Rien


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