Hello there, darlings, welcome to the Clockwork Cabaret. This week’s episode proves there isn’t a nerdy theme the ladies won’t get their sticky little finger prints all over. But, when there’s an attractive man in a hot tub, who can blame them? And now, on with the show. - Poppy, the clockwork assistant

01.24.20 playlist:

  • This Way to the Egress - All We Have, We Give To You

  • Thee Hobo Gobbelins - Skulker's Joy

  • The Bridge City Sinners - Kreacher

  • Shovels & Rope - I’m Your Man (feat. John Fullbright)

  • Nathaniel Johnstone - Beast

  • Anja Garbarek - The Last Trick

  • CocoRosie - Bed Bugs

  • AURORA - All Is Soft Inside

  • ONUKA - Zenit

  • Shireen - So Human of You

  • The Hu - Wolf Totem

  • Peter Murphy - Just for Love

  • Joey Batey - Toss A Coin To Your Witcher


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