The end of the year brings two things: unrealistic resolutions sobbed out through mouthfuls of pie, and top ten lists from every site on the Internet. You can't reach January 1st without learning every hack writer's opinion of the best movies, albums, and TV shows from the last 12 months. Experiment time: Google a list of the top 10 films from 2004. You either wont recognize half of movies, or you'll find yourself wondering what drugs the writer was on to include "Mr. 3000" and leave out "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind."We are terrible at perspective. Things like the Ebola scare or the Sony hack seem nightmarish in their moment, but they fade to the back of our minds as soon as the next awful thing comes about. The fact that next year's Exploding Testicle Flu and Bill Murray email hack will both be much more shocking won't stop either of these from making it into the top ten most important stories this year. If there's one thing new media excels at, it's turning molehills into goddamn Matterhorns.