2016 is almost over. Yes the endless, rotten sh*t hurricane of a year that took awayBowie, Prince and Florence Henderson and gave us Trump, Harambe and the Zika virus is finally drawing to a close. So, to give this b*tch a proper viking funeral, Jack O'Brien is joined by Cracked's Cody Johnston, Daniel O'Brien and Alex Schmidt and comedian Caitlin Gill to review our culture's year-in-review process. They'll also shine a much needed light on some of the more overlooked stories from the year. For example, two-headed sharks keep appearing in our oceans and no one knows why. Even all the world's Bond villains are like, "don't look at us, we thought that was you." And Kim Kardashian! It feels like she's been on every magazine cover for the last 35 years and this year she got kidnapped at gunpoint and it barely raised an eyebrow. What is going on!?To wrap up the conversation, Jack and company share some of their favorite cultural things from the year and report from the future with a preview of our 2017 year in review.Footnotes:Article: Yahoo's Top Search Terms in 2016:  https://goo.gl/iD9lvm Video: Kanye Cancels Show And Slowly Floats Away:  https://goo.gl/P0rOQq Article: The Guardian: Google, Democracy and the Truth About Internet Search:  https://goo.gl/GtOx4J Video: Senator James Inhofe Brings a Snowball to Senate:  https://goo.gl/f3gSeP Article: The Telegraph: Russian Scientists Besieged By Pack of Polar Bears:  https://goo.gl/SWGXaY Article: National Geographic: Two-Headed Sharks Keep Popping Up and No One Knows Why:  https://goo.gl/DF725J Article: Slate: Texas GOP Rep Louie Gohmert Will Save Us From Gay Space Colonies:  https://goo.gl/vax51L Instagram: @major_hoolihan:  https://goo.gl/OMdJQh Video: Samantha Bee: Eddie Eagle:  https://goo.gl/LfLgtI Video: Samantha Bee: Trump Can't Read:  https://goo.gl/pl1Hi9 This episode is brought to you by LifeAfter podcast, Harry’s ( www.harrys.com code: CRACKED), I.T. is Greater Than Sci-Fi podcast, and Loot Crate ( www.lootcrate.com code: GIFTING15).