Join Kayley Harris for the Daily Drive: 02/04/18

  • Caroline McMahon is a midwife and baby sleep specialist from Caroline's Angels and she joins Kayley to talk about the Baby Cot the robot that helps rock our kids to sleep and asking is it a good idea?
  • Mahmood Hussein is the CEO of Global Drone Solutions and a drone expert and he joins Kayley to talk about the ongoing news stories involving drones and how we can have drones and other aircraft fly in harmony. 
  • Rachel Smith is a money saving expert and author of the book "Underspend" and she joins Kayley to talk about how social media is encouraging us to spend more.
  • Dr Claire Stevens is a veterinarian and she joins Kayley to talk about their new campaign "be educated, be aware, and be prepared" with Petsafe and how it's helping us with our dogs.
  • Jo Power is from Things by Bean to talk about tomorrow being World Party Day 2018, what it's about and how we can help celebrate.
  • Nelly Robinson is the owner and chef from the restaurant Nel, and he joins Kayley and Nerida to talk about his career, his menu, and why degustation is so intriguing.
  • NSW and Bulldogs League Legend Steve Mortimer wraps up Round 4 of the NRL with Kayley Harris on The Daily Drive.