Join Nick and Sam on the Daily Drive for the 08/03/18

  • Alan Todd is the President of Freestyle Cyclists and he joins Nick and Sam to discuss whether cyclists should wear helmets, he says no. Agree or not its going to get ideas peddling.
  • Founder of Disco D Tours Allison Harrington joins Nick and Sam to talk about their Moove & Groove program which is mixing music and exercise to help fight dementia through music therapy.
  • Dr Rebecca English, is a lecturer in Education at the Queensland University of Technology and she joins Nick and Sam to talk about the origins of the long summer holidays kids have and also the pros and cons to the idea of shortening them.
  • Karl Vernes is the Associate Professor in the School of Environmental & Rural Science from the University of New England and he joins Nick and Sam to break down the controversial documentary which claims kangaroos are endangered.
  • Simon Hill is a Fox Sports Football Commentator who joins Nick, Sam, and Mieke to discuss possibly the worst kept secret in Australian football.
  • Lydia Lassila is an Australian Olympic freestyle skier gold medalist and she joins Nick, Sam, and Mieke to talk about the proud achievements in womens sport and how being a role model for younger generations is so important.