Listen to the full show podcast with Sam Stove and Kayley Harris:

Greg Evans- The renowned marriage celebrant joined Kayley Harris and Sam Stove to have a chat about renewing wedding vows. Greg hosted the popular dating show from the 1980s, 'Perfect Match'.

Rob Projeski- Australian Mortgage Options- What is rentvesting and why are 40% of Australians considering it?

Dr Andrew Rochford- the new book titled ‘The Reality Checkup’ explores how to find the most perfect version of yourself, even though we are all imperfect.

Steve Mortimer- the NSW and Bulldogs League Legend gives Kayley Harris and Sam Stove his tips for Rd 23 of the NRL.

Sally Fitzgibbons- the Professional Surfer will be running in the City2Surf this weekend. Sally joined Kayley Harris & Sam Stove on The Daily Drive for a chat.