Listen to the full show podcast with Nick Bennett and Kayley Harris:

- Lonely Planet has declared Canberra the 3rd best city in the world to visit in 2018. Seriously. Chris Zeiher from Lonely Planet chats about what's going on in our nation's capital.

- Shusannah Morris - Co-Founder & CEO of Life’s Little Treasures - chats about the 2017 Walk For Prems.

- Author Stephen Dando-Collins chats about his book “Mr Showbiz: The Biography of Robert Stigwood” about the former manager of Cream and the Bee Gees.

- Sports from a different angle with Columnist, radio and TV reporter Mieke Buchan. She chats about a Rugby player who nearly loses a hand to a lion and some heartwarming sport stories.

- Libnan Ayoub is the Writer and Director of a new documentary "Over The Top Rope" about the golden years of wrestling in Australia. He chats about it.

- Tax tips ahead of the October 31 deadline with H&R Block's Mark Chapman.

- Felicity Evans - Author of Probiotic Drinks At Home - chats about probiotics.

- Wellbeing and Mental Health Expert Adam Osborne chats about mental health in schools and what we need to be doing.