You can probably count the number of actors whose iconic roles you can count on the fingers of two hands on the fingers of, erm, one hand. Kurt Russell is one of those actors. After all, he's played Elvis Presley, Snake Plissken, R.J. Macready, Jack Burton, Tango-or-Cash, Stuntman Mike, Ego The Living Planet, and Wyatt Earp across the breadth of an incredible career that's spanned nearly six decades. And now he's added Santa Claus to the list, with his fun turn as Father Christmas in The Christmas Chronicles. It makes sense - a man with a beard like that just had to play Santa one day.

In this very special interview, Chris Hewitt sits down with Russell to talk about playing Santa, and his wider career, with particular emphasis on the works of one John Carpenter. Enjoy.

The Christmas Chronicles is out now on Netflix.