Leigh Whannell is the actor-turned-screenwriter-turned director behind the likes of Saw (the early, good ones), the Insidious movies, and this week's hard-boiled slice of sci-fi, Upgrade, in which a paralysed Logan Marshall-Green bonds with an operating system that allows him to take bloody revenge on the men who attacked him.

And, as it turns out, Whannell is also a dream of an interviewee, sitting down with Chris Hewitt for this extended chat about the journey of Upgrade from script to screen, his feelings on technology, and the comparisons between his film and the upcoming Venom. He's also very, very funny, deploying a number of impressions, including a Steve Buscemi so good we're expecting him to be cast in an Adam Sandler comedy any day now.

Oh, and while this isn't an Upgrade spoiler special, you might want to see that film before listening to this in case we give anything away. Enjoy.