Yesterday we posted the first part of our marathon Mission: Impossible - Fallout spoiler chat with the film's writer/director, Christopher McQuarrie. All two hours and 43 minutes of it. It was insightful, intelligent, informative stuff. And there'll be more of the same next week, when we post the second part.

And now it's our turn, as Team Empire - Chris Hewitt, Helen O'Hara, Nick de Semlyen, and James Dyer - get together for a frankly chaotic and rambling discussion of the film which may not be quite as insightful, intelligent, or informative as McQuarrie, but does at least feature more Anthony Hopkins impressions than you can shake a fava bean and a bottle of chianti at, and much discussion of Ethan Hunt's sexual prowess. So, consider this an amuse bouche, if you will.

This intro will self-destruct in five seconds.