Shortly after we'd finished our marathon three-hour recording session with writer-director Christopher McQuarrie for our Mission: Impossible - Fallout spoiler special podcast, he got in touch to say that it "felt incomplete". We couldn't agree more. Which is how Chris Hewitt found himself in a meeting room on the Paramount lot in Los Angeles, ready for another three hours with McQuarrie. And here is that chat, bringing the Fallout McQuarrie chat to a whopping six hours.

Here, the duo discuss plenty of stuff they didn't get round to last time, including a major deleted scene between Tom Cruise's Ethan Hunt and Rebecca Ferguson's Ilsa Faust; the technical challenges of the major action sequences; and McQuarrie answers plenty of questions from the listeners. And McQuarrie is on top form throughout - deeply candid, funny, and thoughtful as he shines a light on the process behind making a major blockbuster.

Take a week off work and enjoy.