This week's Empire Podcast is an unexpectedly classy joint, as Chris Hewitt talks to British acting royalty, the Oscar-winning double whammy of Sir Colin Of Firth and Dame Rachel Of Weisz, about their new movie, The Mercy, which tells the tragic story of Donald Crowhurst's ill-fated attempt to sail the world solo in 1969. And they also talk about their acting nightmares - literally and metaphorically.

Back in the podbooth, Chris and James Dyer welcome pod debutant Ben Travis, review Black Panther and that new secret Cloverfield movie that dropped without warning the other day like a U2 album come to life, and discuss the week's movie news, including the Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer.

Oh, and they definitively answer the burning question of the week: is Aliens, a film in which Lance Henriksen is only the fourth-scariest thing, a horror movie? It's a toughie.