This week's Empire Podcast is a bumper affair, jam-packed with more big names than the Avengers: Infinity War trailer. Well, almost.

First up, Call Me By Your Name stars Armie Hammer and Timothee Chalamet - or Timothy Chalet, as autocorrect insists on calling him - popped into a London hotel room at the end of January to talk about their Oscar-winning love story with Chris Hewitt. And while they do talk about the film, there's also a fair amount of silliness, ranging from discussion of Chalamet's mobster nickname to the possibility of setting Call Me By Your Name 2 in space. Oh, and there's a Sean Connery-off for good measure. Be warned: bad language abounds.

The second grouping is much more serious and focused, you'll be delighted to know, as Ben Travis has a chat with Garth Davis and Rooney Mara, director and star respectively of Mary Magdalene.

Then, Chris, Ben and John Nugent convene in the podbooth to discuss the week's movie news (the Avengers: Infinity War trailer wi