He was the first person to betray Indiana Jones. He had the power of the sun in the palm of his hand. And he holds the record for having the most Lego mini-figs made in his image. He is, of course, the great Alfred Molina, and he's our guest this week, popping into the podbooth to chat with Chris Hewitt about Raiders, about Sam Raimi, and about Molina's new play, a revival of John Logan's Red. It starts at 49:36 and ends at 1:23:22, fact fans.

Then, Chris heads into the podbooth proper and is joined by Nick de Semlyen and Jonny Pile for an even-more-rambling-than-usual discussion that takes in the worst movie dinosaurs, a brief cameo from a geek queen, an exploding banana, reviews of Hereditary and Ocean's 8, a shameless plug for the new issue of Empire, a live watch-along of the trailer for Corin Hardy's The Nun, and an episode of R U Talkin' R U Talkin' R U Talkin' R.E.M. Re: Me Re: Me Re: Me?

Good ep? Great ep.