We're flying high on the Empire Podcast this week, as Incredibles 2 director, and all-round animation legend, Brad Bird pops in to the podbooth to talk to Jonny Pile and Chris Hewitt. They discuss returning to animation, working with Tom Cruise on Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, and more besides. It starts at 22:48 and finishes at 47:33.

Then Ethan Hawke, one of our favourite recurring guests, pops in to talk faith, his new movie First Reformed, and working inside and outside the Hollywood system. He's chatting to Ben Travis, and that runs from 01:11:31 to 01:34:16.

Back in the podbooth, Chris is then joined by Helen O'Hara and James Dyer for the usual rambling dissection of the week's movie news (Joker alert!), plus reviews of both Bird and Hawke's films. They also discuss James' recent conversion to football, talk about the most beautiful places that they've seen films, and reveal the terrifying creation that is... RoboPod. Part human. Part podcast host. All cretin.