This week's longer-and-let's-face-it-probably-more-incoherent-than-usual episode of the Empire Podcast sees that lovable rascal and former Hobbit, Dominic Monaghan, sit in with Chris Hewitt, Ben Travis, and James Dyer for most of the episode. During which time they talk about movie cliffhangers, discuss the week's film news, talk about Jose Mourinho, his love of Star Wars, tattoos, Lord Of The Rings, Wagon Wheels, The Beatles, and much, much more. It's a lot of fun. Our door is always open, Dom. The podcast proper, which also sees a dwindling podteam review A Star Is Born and Venom, begins at 00:43:23, in case Wagon Wheels aren't your jam. Even the jammy ones.

Then, Chris talks to Henry Thomas, former child actor (he was in some film about an extra-terrestrial, we think) turned star of Mike Flanagan's terrifying Netflix series, The Haunting Of Hill House, and a good time was had by both. We hope you'll join us. AND NEVER LEAVE. (01:39:35 - 01:57:52)