Well, this is another nice mess. Stan & Ollie, Jon S. Baird's film about a UK tour undertaken by Laurel & Hardy towards the end of their careers, opens this week. So Chris Hewitt has a nice chat with Baird about that, shameless namedropping and more, and in the bargain they come up with the podcast's strangest spin-off episode to date.

Then Chris has a chat with the film's Stan, BAFTA-nominated Steve Coogan, about impressions, double acts, Partridge, Tripping with Rob Brydon, Holmes & Watson, and more. It's a ruddy blast.

Then, back in the podbooth, Chris is joined by pod-regulars Helen O'Hara and James Dyer, and new producer Jane, for an episode that features some tweaks we hope you'll like, and a huge dollop of the usual film-related fun as they discuss mobile phones in cinemas, the week's movie news, and review the big releases, including Colette and The Front Runner. Enjoy.