This week's lockdown episode of the Empire Podcast is once again so jam-packed with chatty goodness that we've split it into two parts. This is not the new normal, folks — we promise. Just something that will happen from time to time. Anyway, this half sees two of our favourite guests return for another bite at the pod-cherry, as Chris Hewitt talks to Simon Pegg about make-up, mental health and Pegg's new movie, Lost Transmissions, and hops on a trans-continental call with Ride Like A Girl star, Sam Neill, to talk horses, box sets, and Event Horizon. Because Chris.

Then, in the virtual podbooth, Chris is joined by Helen O'Hara, James Dyer and, in the rotating fourth chair, Amon Warmann to compare film facts (warning: joy is in short supply this week) and movie pubs. Enjoy.