This week's Empire Podcast sees two genre directors step into our Interviewtrona3000 for a Paxman-like grilling from Chris Hewitt. First, Mortal director André Øvredal (as in, he's the director of Mortal; he's also mortal, we reckon, but that's irrelevant) talks Norse mythology, Stephen King and Draclier with Chris. And then actor/director Jay Baruchel talks about his blood-soaked meta-horror Random Acts Of Violence, aka How To Dismember Your Dragon, and recalls his last visit to the cinema. It was a doozy.

Then, in the Podboothatron3000, Chris is joined by Helen O'Hara, James Dyer and, making his long-awaited return in the rotating fourth chair, John Nugent for an episode in which the following occurs: they exchange film facts, grumbling as they do so; they discuss the best Netflix original movies; they talk about the week's movie news (this is pre-Batfleck Returns, folks; we'll talk about that next week); and then review The One And Only Ivan, Random Acts Of Violence, and Tenet. Or, more accurately, Helen and James review Tenet, while Chris just gets increasingly confused. How confused? Picture Zoolander and Hansel trying to access computer files, and you're halfway there.