There was a danger, at one point, that our Blade Runner 2049 spoiler special podcast wouldn't arrive until 2049 itself. But here it is, lovingly timed to coincide with the UK home entertainment release of Denis Villeneuve's beautiful, profound, thought-provoking sequel.

And, assembling in the Empire podbooth to answer your questions and chew the fat on the film's many open-ended questions are Dan Jolin, John Nugent and, with Chris Hewitt on the run having failed the Voight-Kampff test, your host Helen O'Hara. Be warned: those of you with sensitive ears should know that Dan was particularly sweary on this episode. Earmuffs, people.

But that's not all - the film's director, the great Denis Villeneuve, pops by to talk to Nick de Semlyen about some of the movie's mysteries from Deckard to Deckard's dog. Oh, and the bees. Not the bees!

We hope you enjoy, and that you'll think it's been worth the wait. If not, remember one thing: all these podcasts will be lost in time. Like tears i