Rocketman, Dexter Fletcher's often audacious, always entertaining, and deeply fantastical retelling of a significant portion in the life of one Reginald Dwight, aka Elton John, is further proof that the big screen musical is back, and here to stay. And in this spoiler special podcast, Fletcher sits down with Chris Hewitt to discuss his approach to seeding specific songs throughout the movie, the significant relationships in Elton's life, and some snippets that hit the cutting room floor. Be warned: strong language is in play as they discuss a pivotal line right at the end of the interview. The C-word, mainly.

Then, Chris is joined in the podbooth by Helen O'Hara, John Nugent, and special guest star all the way from the US of A, Stevie Wong, to answer your questions and discuss the movie, its music, and Taron Egerton's depiction of the man behind the tiaras and tantrums. Oh, and they incur the wrath of one of the world's biggest nations along the way.