Listen... do you want to know a secret? How about a ton of secrets? Specifically about the movie Yesterday?

In our latest spoiler special podcast, Chris Hewitt chats with Richard Curtis and Danny Boyle, the writer and director, respectively, of said Beatles-centric rom-com about... well, that would be telling. But suffice it to say that something happens in Yesterday that is of such significance to Beatles fans that Chris, our very own Stanley Goodspeed, vowed to do a spoiler special on it.

So here we are, doing that very thing. In it, you will find brief but fun and informative chats with Curtis and Boyle about alternate visions of the film, gags that didn't quite make it, their feelings on the Beatles' legacy, and much discussion of THAT moment. If you've seen the film, you'll know the one. If you haven't, just imagine it.