Star Trek cast - "PSA Hard Drug Addiction" - n/a

Vincent Price - "cooking lessons" - n/a

Spectrums in the Diabolique - "All Hallowmas Recital" - Endeavors to Oblivion

Hermann Kopp - "Betty's Return" - Nekronology

The Crystals - "Vampire" - single b/w Tropical Illusion

Claudio Simonetti - "Demon" - Demonia ep

The Five Blobs - "The Blob" - single b/w Saturday Night In Tiajuana

Ralph Jones - "Confrontation in the Gymnasium" - Slumber Party Massacre

Eric Peters - "Electrofear" - Last House On Dead End Street soundtrack

Mr.Peppermint - "A Trip to Gingerbread Island (exceprt)" [Gibby Haynes' Dad doing his oddball kid's show...]

Claudine Longet - "Rosemary's Baby's theme" - Cuddle Up With Claudine Longet

Gershon Kingsley - "Ghostly Sounds" - Ghostly Sounds