Bert Convy - "The Monster's Hop" - b/w The Gorilla

Black Widow - "Come To The Sabbat" - Sacrifice [Originally released in 1970]

Pino Donaggio - "Main Title / The Back Room" - Tourist Trap soundtrack

Beatrice Witkin - "Breath and Sounds (excerpt)" - Breath and Sounds

W Raveneer - "Side 2 excerpt" - Fuzzy Hair Electronics Vol.2

Christ on Parade - "Pressure to Succeed" - A Mind Is A Terrible Thing

Battalion Of Saints - "Buddies and Pals" - Second Coming

Evil Moisture - "Rear Head Gnash Hole" - Hostess Double Breasted Windpipe

HNAS - "Elche Antworten" - Als der Morgen kam, war es, als sei nur eine Nacht vergangen