Sonic Youth - "Come and Smash Me Said The Boy With The Magic Penis" - Nothing Short of Total War (V/A)

Sir Phillips - "Get It On" - v/a Angel Dust

Emil Richards - "Stones - Journey To Bliss" - Stones [Emil Richards (Born: September 2, 1932 in Hartford, Connecticut, USA – Died: December 14, 2019) was an American vibraphonist and percussionist. He recorded on over 1350 film scores and performed and recorded with over 650 artists. He was a collector of ethnic percussion instruments. Inducted into the Percussive Arts Society Hall Of Fame in November 1994.]

Kink Gong - "Tibetan Buddhism Trip, Part Two (excerpt)" - Tibetan Buddhism Trip

Pain Teens - "A Knife" - Pain Teens

Cosmonauts Hail Satan - "Satan, Yuri and You, Part 1" - Satan, Yuri and You

Small Cruel Party - "Stain on Pure Glass (excerpt)" - Stain on Pure Glass

Butthole Surfers - "Jimi" - Nothing Short of Total War (V/A)