On this week's podcast, we talk to Will Lowe and David Sheppard of Lowe Vintage. Lowe Vintage is a relatively new guitar shop based in Burlington, North Carolina. Despite their newcomer status in the world of vintage guitars, mandolins and banjos, they've already amassed an incredible selection of Gibsons, Martins and more.

During our talk, Will Lowe tells us about how this store came about and where they find all these classic '20s-'40s era instruments. We also talk to David Sheppard about the repair work he does to these instruments, collector trends and more.  We're happy to announce that Lowe Vintage will be bringing many of their instruments to our Fretboard Summit, October 14-16, 2016 in San Diego, California. Attend and have an opportunity to play (or purchase) some of these remarkable gems. 

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