The Tubes were revolutionary for their time, mixing rock music and theatricality in a way few others were doing. At the center stage stood Fee Waybill, one of the greatest frontmen in rock history and one of the most fascinating entertainers ever. Though the Tubes staged legendary performances, they didn't garner any hits until the early 80s when they teamed up with a young David Foster and released singles like "She's a Beauty" and "Don't Want to Wait Anymore" that still get played today. Unfortunately, with success came a splintering in the band. In this conversation, Fee candidly talks about what brought the band down, how he got them out of debt, and what he did after it ended, which included collaborating with best friend Richard Marx just as his career launched into the stratosphere. There are also acting jobs, a property management career, a Tubes comeback and the craziest David Bowie story you'll ever hear. 

There's no one like Fee Waybill. He's as good as it gets!