Join the Jazzy Vegetarian, as she welcomes television star and actress, Rachelle Carson-Begley to discuss Green Tips for your home and lifestyle!Rachelle Carson-Begley and her husband, Ed Begley recently wrapped their third season of their own show “Living With Ed” on Discovery’s Planet Green. It’s about their wonderfully wacky lifestyle that hopefully one day will be more mainstream. But, today, it’s still a novelty. They live in a solar powered house, and drive a Prius or Ed’s all-electric car around LA. They recycle everything! It’s been an adjustment to live like he does, but she managed to adjust. She has said she feels a little like Eva Gabor in “Green Acres.” Over the years, Rachelle has supported many charities, including Water Keepers, Green Wish, and Alzheimer’s Disease. Rachelle has worked in theater, films and TV for 27 years, and she is hoping for another fifty! In her free time, she loves decorating her home and spending time with her husband Ed and their daughter, Hayden.