Host, Laura Theodore, the Jazzy Vegetarian,  chats with Rhona Post, MA, “The Healer Coach.” Rhona is a Master Certified Coach (MCC) and she founded the Healer Coach, LLC to provide the best of holistic coaching and training. We’ll discuss ways to turn negative situations into positive, using a holistic approach. With more than 30 years of coaching study/experience, Ms. Post has developed a healer coaching protocol that combines energy work and coaching to help clients transform their relationships to their history. As a result of healer coaching, clients experience greater clarity and ease at work and at home. In addition, Ms. Post is the “Coach's coach;” and she guides seasoned coaches to better understand and work with their four aspects (mind, body, spirit and emotions) to bring more compassion, intuition and an embodied presence to their coaching engagements, deepening the results they achieve. Her weekly Anything Goes radio show can be heard Saturday nights on WTMY, Talk Radio in Sarasota, Florida, live streamed on Visit: