Today I’ll share quick vegan recipes and chat with Maribeth Abrams, author of “4-Ingredient Vegan.” Maribeth Abrams, is a certified nutritionist and lifestyle educator, natural foods culinary educator, motivational speaker, writer, corporate chef, and spokesperson for the North American Vegetarian Society. Known for her enthusiastic demeanor, Maribeth has appeared on radio and television discussing food and nutrition. She hosts the cooking DVD “Tofu 1-2-3” with Olympic athlete Carl Lewis, and pens the column “Ask Maribeth,” in Vegetarian Voice Magazine. Maribeth provides individual and corporate-level nutritional counseling for weight loss, detoxification, food allergies, and healthy eating for the treatment and prevention of chronic disease. Maribeth received her Bachelor’s Degree from Emory University, her Masters Degree from Georgia State University, and her nutrition training from the Global College of Natural Medicine. She is board certified by the American College of Drugless Practitioners.