Appearing on the show  Jazzy Vegetarian, today is Victoria Boutenko, the award-winning author of Green for Life. We’ll discuss green recipes and I’ll share my Berry Smoothie recipe. I’ll also welcome Pam Vieau of “Chocolate Inspirations,” to discuss the Chocolate for Charity campaign. Music from the talented flutist Ali Ryerson with the late, great guitar virtuoso, Joe Beck! Victoria Boutenko, is also author of Green Smoothie Revolution, Raw Family Signature Dishes, 12 Steps to Raw Foods, and Raw Family: A True Story of Awakening. In 1994, Victoria sought out alternative health paths and discovered the raw food lifestyle, which enabled her family to achieve vibrant health. Now a raw gourmet chef, teacher, inventor, researcher, and artist, she teaches classes on healthy living all over the world. As a result of her work, millions of people are drinking green smoothies and eating raw food internationally. Victoria continues traveling worldwide, sharing her gourmet raw cuisine and her inspiring story of determination. To learn more, please visit