Host Laura Theodore, the Jazzy Vegetarian,  chats with Karyn Calabrese who is a highly sought after holistic health expert who runs a thriving vegan wellness company in Chicago. We’ll talk about the beauty and healing secrets in her new book: Soak Your Nuts: Cleansing with Karyn. In addition, we’ll hear about some great raw food recipes from Lisa Montgomery, author of Raw Garden. News: Be sure to watch  Jazzy Vegetarian  on National Public Television. About Karyn Calabrese: Karyn was awarded the First Annual Raw and Living Foods Golden Branch Award in 2002 and she has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show as well as numerous national commercials, and print ads. A student of Dr. Ann Wigmore and Viktoras Kulvinskas, Karyn used raw food and detoxification to heal herself of illness, fatigue, and allergies. Karyn’s book, Soak Your Nuts: Cleansing with Karyn, features her Nature’s Healing System. About Lisa Montgomery: Lisa is a Holistic Health Care Practitioner, and has graduated from the Living Light Culinary Arts Institute as a Certified Associate Raw Chef and Instructor. Her focus is on Living Dynamically and teaching people how to heal their entire being (physical, emotional, and psychological) with the raw foods lifestyle.   She is the author of Raw Inspiration (Martin Pearl Publishing) and Raw Garden, Liquid Raw. Ms. Montgomery has appeared on numerous TV programs, News 10 and she has given lectures at Whole Food Markets.